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White Fillings in Niagara

Pine Street Dental offers a wide range of dental services for our Patients / potential patientsinNiagara including White Fillings;  to help you and your family build confident smiles and getproperly taken care of for all service not just White Fillings.  Pine Street Dental has seen thousands ofPatients for White Fillings; Patients in and around Niagara.

Dental Services for White Fillings

The whole process starts with smile assessment, focusing on aspects of your smile that you likeand the ones that you don't. We will review your options for White Fillings with you to get the smile ofyour dreams, a Nice White Healthy Smile. Financing options are available to ensure you can get the treatmentright for you without sacrificing.

The use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is for the fearful, those who cant take needles andthosewith complex dental problems. We can help you rest easy and get that smile fixed up.

We offer teeth whitening and dental implants alongside other multiple dental services includingWhite Fillings. We look forward to helping you with your dental needs.

We take great pride in our Dentistry abilities and the ability to make you smile bigger andbrighter than you ever have before.

Lets get booked in for a consultation for White Fillings to see what your options are today:

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Pine Street Dental located in Thorold Ontario Providing Dental Services such as WhiteFillings, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Cleaning, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Tooth Extractions andWisdom Teeth Removal, Dentures and Denture implants. Teeth implants and more financial options to our dentalpatients to help make your smile affordable.

When you go for a dental exam, your dentist checks your fillings and may suggest that you replace any loose orbroken ones. Your dentist also looks for signs of decay, such as brown or black spots and may want to useX-raysto take a closer look at problem spots.

If you have a cavity, your dentist may keep an eye on it (if it's small) or fill it right away. If a largecavity is not filled, it can get bigger and cause pain. The tooth may even have to be removed and replaced withafalse (or artificial) tooth.

Overview - If you have a cavity and it needs a filling, there are different kinds offillings to do the job.

Metal Fillings - Dental amalgam is the most common type of filling used in Canada todaybut other metal fillings may be appropriate depending on your oral health needs.

Tooth-coloured Fillings - Composite fillings and fillings made out of glassionomer materials are the same colour as your natural teeth.

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